Tobago Cays & Petit Tobac

The ‘Tobago Cays’ archipelago east of Mayreau is protected by several reefs. There are plenty of safe anchorages as well as a number of moorings (45EC per night). So you don’t have to turn around despite the many masts that you can always see from a distance. On the contrary: No matter how many ‘comrades-in-arms’ also stay there, the beauty of nature remains breathtaking. Between the small islands, which are surrounded by clear green-blue water, you can even occasionally see turtles that just invite you to snorkel. In this snorkeling paradise you can easily stay for 2-3 days / nights (10EC tourist tax per night) before continuing on to the island ‘Petit Tobac’. The easternmost island of the national park is populated by thousands of hermit crabs – be careful where you go! If you are hungry for coconuts, you will find plenty of them on this island. Insider tip: At the northeastern end of ‘The world end’s reef’ there are ideal conditions for surfing. You can reach the surf with the kayak in about 10-15 minutes – it’s worth it. Have fun exploring …

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