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New Zealand

If we are asked which sailing area is the most beautiful in the world, the answer is: ‘It depends’. If you want guaranteed sunshine and swimming fun, everyone immediately thinks of the Mediterranean. But what if you want to sail long strokes? Stable winds do not always prevail everywhere in the Mediterranean. The situation is quite different in the Baltic Sea, where western weather conditions often determine constant wind directions and strengths. A legitimate reason why the Kiel Fjord with the Danish islands within walking distance is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. If you look at other seas, you will often find great similarities – not least because it was the open-hearted inhabitants and the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand that attracted us there. Rather, it was the sailing conditions that Auckland, for example, shows.

And in fact – after a few weeks of racing and cruising – we come to the conclusion that the largest city in New Zealand and its territory are similar to our western Baltic Sea. However, it is above all more spacious and also much more exciting there due to the tied fields and the subtropical climate. Well – we hope that some pictures can convey that a trip to the most distant and also most beautiful sailing area is definitely worthwhile. We really enjoyed our time in the RNZYS and have been out there on the water every European winter.

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