Training tours

This summer, Join the Crew (JTC) headed to Greece to host several training tours. Our spring session began with two groups of young people wanting to improve their knowledge of ships, wind and waves. Since participants already demonstrated a certain level of knowledge – some had sport boat licenses or even the sport coastal ship-license – we were able to skip the introductory material and jump right into our training program, which included hard skills such as handling the ship under sails on the water or under power in the harbor. One of our main focuses here was mooring and casting off under various wind conditions. We also made sure to train soft skills during the week-long training session, with each participant acting as “Captain of the Day” for a day in order to strengthen their leadership, communication, and safety skills. After a successful week of training, we encouraged a few of the participants to apply for Skipper positions with JTC; happily all were successful and welcomed to the team.

Our second training session took place in Greece in late summer and was focused on preparing two groups of participants for the sport coastal ship license exam taking place at the end of the week. The training took place aboard two Bavarias and focused on the individual needs of the participants, covering everything from basic knowledge to filigree hands-on skills. MOB, harbor and sailing maneuvers were on the training schedule every day, up to 10 hours a day. Unfortunately, or luckily – however you want to see things, the yachts weren’t in the best condition, so we were able to train conducting repairs under real conditions as well. All 16 participants properly solved all training scenarios, and each was able to fly back to Germany with their newly-acquired sport coastal ship license in hand.

It was great to see so many happy faces at the end of the week 

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