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Transat 2015 #5

Day 15:
Times: 123sm. Course: 257 °. 4-5 Bft. Wave 1.5m. Sun.
The moon is fading more and more at night, the wave can only be seen to a limited extent and the view in front of the ship is towards 0. Nevertheless, we are lucky so far, the clouds don’t like us. We drive about 6 kt. In the morning we make ‘Strammer Max’. For coffee there is power in the form of bananas wrapped in tortilla with melted chocolate, peanut butter and nuts. In the evening, ravioli refined – for the first time on this trip! 🙂 We reset the clock again by an hour and after a few days we see a sailor astern on the horizon. Running with us … Our greetings go to Eva at the headquarters 😉

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Day 16:
Once: 128sm. Course: 257 °. 4 Bft. Wave 2m. partly cheerful, partly cloudy.
The night is very gusty. The sailor has now overtaken us at a good distance and without decency and is now turning to Brazil – one can only speak of absolutely chaotic navigation. There is reason to celebrate: Since dawn we have only 3 digits, it is less than 1000sm to Barbados. From now on, the nautical miles visibly tumble on the GPS device in 10th intervals. Morning appeals and briefings in the cockpit give further joy: We get free, there is nothing to do today except to sail! 😉 The first meal is omelette, our last eggs are gone. Then in the afternoon “Szeged goulash”. Towards evening, scraps of seagrass get caught in the self steering system, completely annoying. We greet Julia + family. 😉

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Day 17:
Once: 126sm. Course: 250 °. 4 Bft. Wave 1.5m. Sun.
We change the guard, because over and over again the cursed sea grass gets caught in the rudder of the self steering system. We are forced to steer ourselves as in the first days and nights of our trip. Hence 1.5 hours of watch, 3 hours of sleep. The waves are increasing. Our tree nock always indulges in a touch-down into the water – the spinnaker pole is on the right track. For lunch there is pasta with pesto. In the evening it finally hits us like everyone on the Transat route at some point: We get the first “Squall”. Took down the big in time and expired in front of little Genoa. We use the rain, the crew pulls blank and takes a shower before the maneuver – best seamanship ever! Evening in the foreshore cinema: Scarface. Good night.

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Day 18:
Once: 129sm. Course: 259 °. 5-6 Bft. Wave 2.5m. Sun.
It is tropically warm at night, Brazil and the old Dutch / French colonies are not too far away. Will we finally see more ships in the coming days, which will take them to paradise in a star shape? We greet two more squalls in the night due to the fact that we use the 7 Bft in the clouds to speed up. During the day, the hardships (especially the fuckups of the self-steering system) of the last few weeks are noticeable in the crew for the first time: everyone indulges in an additional cap of sleep and yet everyone would once again be happy about more than 4 hours. But now it’s time to hold out, the country is in sight in less than a week at the earliest. There’s no easy wayout! We greet Anna-Sophia and Henner, thank you for your kind messages. 😉

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