Transat 2015 #4

Day 12:
Once: 140sm. Course: 260 °. 6 Bft. Wave 2-3m. Sun.
That night you can see the plankton glittering very well in the wave pushed by the bow – magical. After Georg was washed on the aft ship the day before, it caught me in the middle of my first night watch, a large bath of salt water poured over my sweatpants: – / The hatches therefore remained completely closed this night. During the day, the entire upper deck is full of clothes to dry. It is time for it to rain in order to wash out the salt – because salt attracts moisture again and again. It slowly subsides in the afternoon. We cook pasta, fried onions and chorizo ​​in tomato sauce. The waves continue to push and roll uncomfortably from behind, but it continues under full gear. Greetings to Andrea P. 😉

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Day 13:
Once: 130sm. Course: 256 °. 4-5 Bft. Wave 2m. Bright to cloudy.
We continue to collect bait diligently. Now almost every night “flying fish” fly into the cockpit, which are attracted to our Tricolor. Nocturnal TopSpeed: 8.3 kn – the hull howls again, but its calculated rumofeed is around 7.5 kn. The wind continues to drop. Hatches are open again. The stars are phenomenal to watch again. Georg gives us classes in astronomy, which is very educational. Around noon there are 1337 nm to Barbados. (gl & hf @ LaChilla 😉 We now drive under 5 kt and cast the fishing bait out again. Towards evening we make a pull-up bar from an old crutch on the foredeck, the second of which is used by us as a selfie stick. There is a lot of steam from the Pfanna á la Bud Spencer again. We hear “meat is my vegetables” and start the engine to charge the devices for a while. Many birthday greetings go to Sybille and Annabelle. 😉

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Day 14:
Once: 112sm. Course: 261 °. 4 Bft. Wave 1.5m. Sun.
Reason to celebrate: Mountain festival with regard to the nautical miles, Santa Claus and the second Advent – “Güüde, it will be stressful today.” 🙂 Even if some think that we have nothing else to do on our long day apart from sailing, service work and sunbathing – they are wrong. We clear the ship and ventilate vigorously. Georg sews a guest flag for Barbados with love from pieces of the on-board flag alphabet 😉 I split the only large candle into 4 Advent candles and install my solar pack on the foredeck. Christian casts both rods and unfortunately only catches seaweed. It is also a great shower day. We celebrate something and drink 2 beers, the “Ton-Ginic” and the can of crisps we keep for the coming days with less swell when we insert a movie night in the cockpit again. In the evening we write emails and follow a beautiful front that is making its way west ahead of us. We wish everyone a nice Nicholas, especially Marlene, Vanessa, Daniel B., Daniel D., Heiner, Mario, Michael and Paps.

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