St.Vincent & Bequia

Life with the yacht on the “Windward Islands” mostly takes place on the west side of the islands – the east coasts with the rough surf are too uncomfortable. Clarification is sometimes very time-consuming in larger port cities, so we decided to use the “Custom office” in “Wallilibou” and the “Immigrations” on the police station in the adjacent “Barrouallie” on St.Vincent. The beautiful bay in between offers itself as a berth. There you can reserve a mooring for 20-30 EC per day via radio channel 68 via the “Rockside Café” (by the way, you can also enjoy the jetty and eat a delicious evening menu, then the mooring fee does not apply). Attention when approaching bays: self-proclaimed “Tow-Boys” try to get a completely overpriced mooring service via dinghies, even though they are not the owners of the buoys! By the way: If you drive to St. Vincent via the south, you can also deal with the formalities in the “Blue Lagoon”.
On Bequia there is not much to consider when heading to Port Elizabeth in Admiralty Bay. Only the shallow “Devil’s table” and the east nozzle within the bay require some attention. Moorings can be found throughout the bay, which cost between 20 and 50 EC per night. Even if the bay is very full, it is definitely worth driving to the “Frangipani Hotel”, for example, just below land. If you still find a way to anchor or anchor there, you are right in the middle of the action and, if necessary, ensures the reception of WiFi.


On St. Vincent there is a lot to explore inland as well as the really beautiful bays. It is worth climbing the north-facing volcano with its lake. It is best to take the public bus over the east side to just before the summit, which saves time and energy. If you want, you can then descend the west side of the volcano with an islander as your guide. There are also some pretty waterfalls to admire.
The people on the island are generally very friendly, open and polite towards the tourists. However, there is also a downside. Many small retailers are willing to sell their goods. Unfortunately, they often resort to dishonest means for this. Hence our tip: If you decide to buy something, you should definitely agree on the exact price (EC / US $) beforehand (you can often push the price down by more than 50%) and, if possible, write it down on a piece of paper, this closes inconsistencies in retrospect. It is best to decide to buy fruit / vegetables etc. on firm ground, otherwise you run the risk of being swapped by floating traders directly on your own ship – word gets around quickly when you are financially strong. 😉
On Bequia, salespeople are approached much less aggressively, because there are many specialized shops and the understanding of tourism is more pronounced. In addition to supermarkets, you will find almost everything a sailor’s heart desires for a longer trip. If you drive further into the Grenadines, this is practically the last possibility to bunker.

Non-plus ultras:
If you want to know more about the diverse flora and fauna of the islands, just speak to one or more amiable islanders. Many are very proud of what their island has to offer, so you can quickly enjoy private lessons in the wilderness. By the way: Thank you does not always have to be in the form of foreign currency, a “care package” with content that is rare for the islanders, for example, is more personal.
On Bequia you can of course take an island tour with one of the many expensive taxis offered for cruisers or you can take the public bus for 2 EC to the beautiful south side of the island. Under no circumstances should you miss a visit to “Tokos-Bar”. The quaint pub is located right on the water and is the meeting point for the resident whalers who traditionally go hunting with small wooden boats between February and April – this is tolerated by Greenpeace.

Shopping and eating & drinking on bequia

In Port Elizabeth it is worth the price comparison. The prices in all major supermarkets do not differ significantly, but you can still split your purchases. Tip: The small family shop west of the charter base / marina of “Tradewinds” on the north side of the bay is the cheapest overall. If you are looking for special delicacies, the best place to go is Doris’ Fresh Food, there is even black bread and Black Forest ham. 🙂 On the first floor of Maria’s Café you can enjoy small snacks at sunset and handle matters online. You will also find yachtsh close to the water

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