Transat 2015 #2

Day 5:
Once: 107sm. 4 Bft North East. Wave 1-2m. partly cheerful, partly cloudy.
Conversion of the night watch to 4 hours of sleep, 2 hours of cockpit. At night the wind is significantly less, we set the genaker, the spinnaker pole breaks quickly: – / After the repair, it can only be used to a limited extent. Daniel catches a cold – the first nights were too cold and wet. We call up weather data for the first time, very little wind is forecast for the coming days. There are couscous with vegetables. A fish bites our bait – fail. Coffee break with bottlenose dolphin visit.

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Day 6:
Once: 99sm. Course: 243 °. 2-3 Bft North East. Wave 1m. Sun.
Starry night with action, we catch a barracuda that has been bitten by another fish. Bottlenose dolphins visit again in the morning. Our breakfast: 1 fresh sea bream, 2 more fall off the rod, we lose another bait. We are in an “almost” calm, reason to let yourself go, there is bruschetta. First extensive sunbathing and movie night under Genaker.

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Day 7:
Once: 82sm. Course: 232 °. 1-2 bft north-east, wave 0.5m. Sun.
We drive the whole night under light wind sails, course is therefore no longer maintainable, we do not make the route at all, it is about 200m to the first waypoint at 20 ° N 30 ° W, but still 2000sm to Barbados. 🙂 In the doldrums we water the first Advent with a mug of white wine and eat ‘Strammer Max’. In the afternoon there is a bathing day with bottlenose dolphins in a distance of approx. 5m right next to us. You are within reach. WOW! In the evening engine service and the decision to make the route again – but now under machine. We light a candle. Many greetings to Sabine! 😉

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